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R&D team

Xinfa Pharmaceutical insists on taking the market as the center, attaches importance to scientific and technological innovation, constantly promotes the industrialization of major projects, vigorously implements the scientific and technological innovation strategy, and has built research and development platforms such as Shandong Vitamin Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong B Vitamin Engineering Laboratory, Shandong One Enterprise One Technology Research and Development Center, Shandong Post doctoral Innovation Practice Base, and Dongying Vitamin Key Laboratory.

Relying on multiple R&D bases, Xinfa Pharmaceutical has recruited high-level R&D personnel from home and abroad, continued to increase R&D investment, continuously improved software and hardware configuration, strengthened personnel training, and established an efficient and standardized R&D team.

Xinfa Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to the training of R&D talents and team building, and has established an innovative R&D team with Taishan scholars, leading talents in Taishan industry and leading talents in the Yellow River Delta as the core, external well-known experts and scholars as technical consultants, and doctors and masters as the backbone.

While establishing its own R&D team, Xinfa Pharmaceutical has also established long-term cooperation with Shandong University, Tianjin University, Tianjin Institute of Industrial Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China University of Technology and other well-known domestic institutions.

R&D projects won 5 provincial awards such as Shandong Science and Technology Award. 209 patents have been applied, 152 of which are authorized; 12 PCT patents, 47 overseas patents and 32 overseas patent authorizations were applied for.